• ELEGI feat. Karl-Martin Almqvist & Elias Stemeseder

    The duo ELEGI with Edvin and Alfred Lorinius here meets the two musicians Karl-Martin Almqvist (Danish Radio Orchestra) & Elias Stemeseder (Jim Black Trio) in a unique project. The music is specially written for this occasion by Alfred, with economic support from Karlstad municipality. Upcoming tour in Nordic countries february 19-24 2018.

    21/2 Brötz, Göteborg
    22/2 Högskolan för Scen och Musik, Göteborg
    22/2 Tre trappor upp, Tranemo
    23/2 Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm
    24/2 Arenan, Karlstad
    26/2 Bullret Jazzklubb, Malmö

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