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    Photo: Francesco Saggio


    FARVEL is releasing their third album on October 13, 2017; östtomta. Watch out for more info!



    In November 2012 Farvel received the most prestigous Jazz Award in Sweden,
    ”Jazzkatten – Newcomer of the year”. Among previous winners of
    this award you find: Jonas Kullhammar, Jon Fält, Viktoria Tolstoy, Jacob Karlzon, Jeanette Lindström, Naoko Sakata…

    The motivation of the jury:

    ”An artist with amazing courage – plunging into the unknown, with her imagination and expression affecting every listener who has a heart. Her group’s utterly strong debut album takes Nordic jazz a step further with it’s exquisite blend of collective improvisation, tight arrangements and thoughtful lyrics ”

    Farvel (former Isabel Sörling Farvel) was brought together in 2010 by the vocalist Isabel Sörling. That same year they won the Young Nordic Jazz Comets in Helsinki, a competition arranged by the nordic countries jazz federations.
    Since then they’ve done concerts in Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, and Ireland. They were broadcasted live at The Swedish National Radio’s <<P2 Live Jazzfestival>> during a concert at Nefertiti Jazz Club in Gothenburg 2010.
    They’ve also been seen at Umeå Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Festival, 12 Points! Festival, Swedish Jazz Celebration, Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo), Nefertiti Jazz Club (Gothenburg).

    Isabel Sörling; voc
    Kim Aksnes; trp
    Otis Sandsjö; ten sx
    Henrik Magnusson; pi
    Alfred Lorinius; db
    Carl-Johan Groth; dr

    The CDs ‘Isabel Sörling Farvel’ and ‘RÖK’ can be purchased through iTunes, CDON, Amazon etc.

    Please visit for further info!

    …However, one band stood out for their verve and personality, and in Isabel Sörling we heard a potent voice in the tradition of adventurous Nordic singers , with a great technique used in a very engaging and personal way. The tunes were compelling with a satisfying equilibrium of adventurous forms and committed ensemble playing from a band who were clearly enjoying the occasion…”

    – The Jury of Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2010

    With dramatically interactions and music were composed parts switches with free improvisations on a way that truly grabs the listener with it’s strong intensity and presence. ”
    Jury of the Swedish YNJC 2010

    In a collective improvisation in which every moment was densified and erratic, (…) New soundscapes was used at all stages. The profit was a completely contemporary emotional expression by almost an avant-garde kind. The sextet is extremely driven in a restrained chamber jazz with the ability to break out into advanced free jazz, all incredibly fresh, poetic and promising…”
    -Rolf Haglund BT 2010

    …a scarily sophisticated crew of high-minded young guns (most still students and yet to record an album) finding extraordinarily obtuse angles into layering acoustic sounds of fluttering saxophone keys, chiming tiny cymbals and hovering chords over ostanato bass riffs. Sörling herself reminded of Sidsel Endresen’s sometimes visceral, certainly disturbed, vocal gymnastics each syllable enunciated with extreme detail whether it were feathery falsettos or snarling blues shouts, the results were as dizzying as they were dazzling. Tenorist Otis Sandsjo deserves mention too for his sublime tone and kooky stage presence.”
    -Mike Flynn, Jazzwise magazine