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  • Acoustic and electric bassplayer, composer and arranger living in Gothenburg.
    Born October 20, 1986
    I started quite early to realize how important music was for me. It was an escape from reality and something to dream away into. I discovered the amazing feeling of being able to write my own music and how easy it actually was to create something out of a small idea. I remember how me and my friends as 7, 8-year-olds got together and with whatever was at hand, such as books and pencils, played and sang.
    When I was around 13-14 years old we took this interest to the next level and formed a rock band where I played the electric bass and sang. I wrote a lot of music for that band, but a lot of the music was also created from us jamming together in the rehearsal studio.
    Working with that band really got me to realize I wanted to be a musician – so that I could continue to explore this wonderful art form.

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  • I play in several constellations, most of them are listed under the tab Groups.

    I also do freelance jobs in different contexts. I write and arrange music. For the most part, this is done for the bands I work in, but I also do custom orders for other contexts.

  • Swedish Radio P2’s award “Jazzkatten – Newcomer of the year 2012”, together with Isabel Sörling Farvel


    Elected with Casey Moir Band, by the organisation ‘Svensk Jazz’, to represent Sweden in ‘Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2013’


    Winner of Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2010, together with Isabel Sörling Farvel

  • Christopher Ali Solidarity Quartet – To Those Who Walked Before Us (2018)
    Farvel – Östtomta (Jazzland Recordings 2017)
    Parallel Activity – Rubicon (Imogena Records 2017)
    STORMFÅGEL (Havtorn Records 2016)
    Naoko Sakata Trio – Dreaming tree (Footprint Records 2016)
    Johannes Vidén – Where The Years Have gone (Iamoldfashioned 2015)
    Farvel – RÖK (Jazzland Recordings 2015)
    Dark Horse (Zen Recordings 2015)
    Casey Moir Band – Rabbit Hole (Hear Here Records 2015)
    KÖKET – 2013 (2014)
    Isabel Sörling Farvel (UNIT Records 2012)
    Johannes Vidén & Bluebird Association; Frid Över En Stjärna Som Föll (Bluebird Recordings 2012)
    Ljugarbänken; Upp och Ner (2009)

  • – BACHELOR OF MUSIC, 2009-2012
    Academy of music and drama, University of Gothenburg
    Musician, Improvisation, double bass
    Teacher: Anders Jormin, Professor in improvisation

    – ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA, University of Gothenburg, 2008-2009
    Music teacher

    Jazz program

    Jazz program
    Music program, jazz, pop and rock

  • I teach in following ways:
    -Private lessons on both acoustic and electric bass.
    The content of my lessons is based on what the student want to achieve and what I find necessary to work on to reach these goals.
    -Ensemble, theory and ear training.
    -Workshops and clinics with larger groups at University, Folkhögskola and Gymnasium.